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Baseus Super Energy 2-in-1 Jump Starter

Baseus Super Energy 2-in-1 Jump Starter

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Introducing the Baseus Super Energy 2-in-1 Jump Starter, a powerful device designed to give you peace of mind on the road. 


1. Instant Car Jump Start: With a peak current of 1000A and a start-up current of 500A, it swiftly boosts up your car's engine, saving you from the hassle of waiting for tow trucks.

2. Multi-functional Design: It's not just a jump starter! This device also features an inflation pump, emergency light, and power bank all in one compact package.

3. High-Discharge Batteries: Equipped with 4 professional power batteries with a 1000A peak current, it ensures stable performance and longevity, ready to start your car whenever needed.

4. Ultra-Fast Inflation: The 19-cylinder high-pressure pump fully inflates a tire in just 7 minutes, with preset options to prevent over-inflation, making it perfect for emergencies.

5. Smart and Safe: With features like a LED digital display for battery level and tire pressure, reverse polarity protection, and outstanding battery life of up to 180 days, it's built to keep you safe and prepared for any situation.

    Technical Specifications:

    Brand Name: Baseus

    Battery Capacity: 8000-10000mAh

    Peak Current: 1000A

    Conversion Rate: 85%~90%

    Number Of Built-in Batteries: 4

    External Testing Certification: FCC, CE

    Item Weight: 1.3kg

    Fast Charge: Two-Way Fast Charge

    Voltage: 12V

    Special Features: USB, Lighting, Cigarette Lighter Starter, Warning Light, SOS Lighting

    Rated Output Capacity: 4800mAh

    Type-C Input: 5V/2.4A(Max), 9V/24(Max)

    USB Output: 5V/3A

    Charging Time: About 3 hours

    Inflation Pump Power: 45W

    Pressure Range: 5-150psi

    Inflation Time: 7-9 minutes(R195 tire)

    Material: ABS

    Package Contains:

    1 x Super Energy 2-in-1 Jump Starter

    1 x Charging Cable

    1 x Pump Cable

    1 x Starter Cable

    1 x Bag

    3 x nozzles

    1 x Ball Nozzle

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