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Baseus Super Energy Ultra 3000A

Baseus Super Energy Ultra 3000A

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Introducing the Baseus Super Energy Ultra 3000A, a reliable companion for your car emergencies, with features like a built-in compass for navigation, emergency LED light, real-time battery level display, and extreme weather compatibility down to -20℃, this jump starter ensures you're always prepared for any situation. And it's air travel-friendly, conforming to international regulations, so you can take it with you wherever you go.


1. Peerless 3000A Peak Current: Jump start any 12V gas/diesel cars quickly, powered by 4 high-discharge polymer batteries.

2. PD 100W Fast Charging: Charge your laptop rapidly with two-way fast charging support.

3. Power Gating Tech: Advanced technology reduces power consumption, ensuring a longer lifespan.

4. Smart Clamp with Reverse Polarity Protection: Enhanced safety with automatic power cutoff in dangerous situations.

5. Multiple Device Charging: Simultaneously charge up to 4 devices with various output ports.

Technical Specifications:

Brand Name: Baseus

Model: Super Energy Ultra 3000A

Battery Capacity: 20000-30000mAh

Peak Current: >1200A

Conversion Rate: 85%~90%

Number Of Built-in Batteries: 4

External Testing Certification: RoHS, FCC, CE

Certification: RoHS, FCC, CE

Item Weight: 1527g

Fast Charge: Two-Way Fast Charge

Voltage: 12V

Special Features: USB, Lighting, Cigarette Lighter Starter, Warning Light, SOS Lighting

Capacity: 26800mAh/99.2Wh

Rated Output Capacity: 15840mAh (5V=6A)

Input1 Type-C: 5V=3A;9V=3A;15V=3A;20V=5A 100W(Max.)

Input2 DC1: 12V=10A;20V=6A 120W(Max.)

Output1 Type-C: 5V=3A;9V=3A;15V=3A;20V=5A

Output2 USBA1: 5V=3A

Output3 DC2: 12V=10A

Total Output: Type-C+USBA1/USBA2+DC2:60W+15W+60W=135W; Type-C+USBA1/USBA2:5V-6A

Jump Start: 12Vdc

Starting current: 1000A

Peak current: 3000A

Package Contains:

1 x Super Energy Ultra 3000A

1 x Charging Cable 

1 x Starting Cable (+,-)

1 x User Manual

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