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Baseus Super Energy Series 4-in-1

Baseus Super Energy Series 4-in-1

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Introducing the Baseus Super Energy Series 4-in-1! This versatile device packs a punch with its array of features and capabilities.


1. Jump Starting/Inflating/Lighting/Charging: All-in-one design for convenience.

2. Built-in Attachment Storage: Keep all accessories neatly organized.

3. Bezel-less LED Screen: Displays tire pressure, battery level, and output status at a glance.

4. 12 Safety Protections: Smart monitor of voltage and current for enhanced safety.

5. Also, a Power Bank: Supports 5V⎓3A output for charging cell phones and tablets.

6. A built-in emergency lamp: Provides illumination for various situations, ensuring safety at night.

Technical Specifications:

Brand Name: Baseus

Model: Super Energy Series 4-in-1

Battery Capacity: 5000-8000mAh

Peak Current: 600A

Conversion Rate: 85%~90%

Number Of Built-in Batteries: 4

External Testing Certification: ROHS, FCC, CE

Certified: CE, FCC

Voltage: 12V

Special Features: USB, Lighting, Cigarette Lighter Starter, Warning Light, SOS Lighting

Rated Output Capacity: 3700mAh

Cell: 1500mAh*4pcs

Input USB-C: 5V/2.4A

Output USB-A: 5V/2.4A(Max.)

Rated Power: 45W

Working Temperature: 35 ℃ (Max.)

Powerful Inflation: 150psi

Applicable to: 12V/4.0L gas cars & 12V/2.5L diesel cars

Package Contains:

1 x Super Energy Series 4-in-1

1 x Charging Cable 

1 x Starting Cable (+,-)

1 x Pump Cable

2 x nozzles (American, French)

1 x Ball Nozzle

1 x User Manual

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