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Baseus A2 Pro

Baseus A2 Pro

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Introducing the Baseus A2 Pro Car Vacuum Cleaner, a versatile and efficient cleaning solution for your car and home.


1. Multi-Function: With vacuum and wind blow 2-in-1 functionality, tackle both cleaning and drying tasks effortlessly.

2. Portable and Lightweight: Weighing only 771g, it's easy to hold and move around, making cleaning convenient.

3. Long Battery Life: The 6000mAh battery provides enough power for up to 20 cleaning sessions on a single charge, ensuring uninterrupted cleaning.

4. Quiet Operation: With a noise level of less than 65dB, it's friendly for use around children and pets, maintaining a peaceful environment.

5. Easy Maintenance: The large dust bin and simple disassembly make emptying and cleaning the vacuum hassle-free, ensuring optimal performance.

Technical Specifications: 

Brand: Baseus

Model: A2 Pro

Special Features: Blow & Vacuum 2 in 1

External Testing Certification: CE

Material Type: ABS/PC

Color: Black

Battery: 6000mAh (20 cleans with one full charge)

Dust Bin Capacity: 120mL

Noise Level: Less than 65dB

Current: 5V/2A

Rated Input Power: 80W

Battery Capacity: 2000mAh*3

Charging Time: 3.5 hours

Vacuum Suction: 60000AW (50000 rpm)

Item Weight: 508g

Item Height: 26.8cm

Item Width: 6.1cm

Item Length: 6.1cm

Package Contains:

1 x A2 Pro Vacuum Cleaner

1 x Charging Cable

2 x Brush

1 x User Manual

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