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Baseus SuperMini Pro

Baseus SuperMini Pro

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Introducing the Baseus SuperMini Pro, a compact and powerful tire inflator designed to keep you prepared for any roadside emergency. Here's why you need it:

1. Faster Inflation: Featuring a 17 Dual Cylinder motor, this inflator offers 33% faster inflation, fully inflating a R175 tire in just 8 minutes, saving you time and hassle during emergencies.

2. Cordless Convenience: With its cordless design, you're no longer bound by outlets or cables, giving you the freedom to inflate your tires anywhere, anytime.

3. Auto-Stop Function: Set your desired inflation range and let the inflator do the rest. It automatically stops when the preset pressure is reached, preventing over-inflation and ensuring safety.

4. Multiple Inflation Modes: Choose from various inflation modes including cars, motorcycles, bikes, balls, and more, making it suitable for a wide range of inflation needs.

5. Accurate Pressure Display: Equipped with an LCD digital display and high-accuracy barometric sensor, you can monitor tire pressure in real-time, helping you maintain optimal tire performance and safety.

Technical Specifications:

Brand Name: Baseus

Model: Baseus Super Mini Pro

Material Type: ABS+PC

Item Length: 15.7cm

Item Width: 6.7cm

Item Height: 4.3cm

Item Weight: 0.65kg

Motor: 17 Dual Cylinder

Battery Capacity: 4000mAh/14.8Wh

Type-C Input: 5V/2A

Power: 50W

Inflation Pressure Range: 0.2-150PSI

Multiple Inflating Modes: Applicable to cars, motorcycles, bikes, balls, etc.

Feature 1: LCD Digital Display

Feature 2: High-Pressure Fast Inflation

Package Contains:

1 x SuperMini Pro Compressor

1 x Charging Cable

1 x Pump Cable

2 x nozzles (American, French)

1 x Ball Nozzle

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