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Mifa Wild Camping

Mifa Wild Camping

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Mifa Wild Camping Bluetooth Speaker & Lantern - Your Ultimate Outdoor Companion


1. -20°— +40 Ambient Temperature: Adaptable to various temperatures, the Wild Camping speaker performs well whether it's -20°C or as high as 40°C, making it suitable for any outdoor adventure.

2. 360° Surround Audio and Illumination: Experience deep, loud, and immersive sound with true 360-degree coverage. The Wild Camping speaker provides a 360-degree beam angle and 230 lumens of bright light, making it perfect for outdoor activities and camping.

3. mifa PartyAdd 100+ Wireless Connections: Pump up your party with more than 100 wireless connections. Connect compatible speakers and lights for a truly powerful outdoor experience. Enjoy camping like never before with powerful sound and illumination.


4. Two Modes And Stepless Dimmable: A Fascinating Light Journey: With 8 dual-color temperature LEDs, the Wild Camping speaker offers soft ambient candlelight and warm white light. Easily switch between modes and adjust brightness with the dimming system technology.

5. Designed Bright Light Technology: Equipped with 8 LED light chips and a 360-degree beam angle, the Wild Camping speaker provides a bright and efficient light source for your outdoor adventures.

6. 9600mAh High Capacity Lithium Battery: Enjoy long hours of music and light with the built-in lithium battery. With approximately 38 hours of audio playtime, 18 hours of lighting, and a comprehensive battery life of about 13 hours, the Wild Camping is your reliable power station.

7. IPX7 Waterproof & IP67 Dustproof: Designed with the highest protection degree, the Wild Camping is fully waterproof (IPX7) and dustproof (IP67). It can withstand various environments, making it great for poolside, in the shower, at the beach, or even in the snow.


Technical Specifications:

Speaker: 2 x Φ45mm Full-range loudspeakers

Passive Radiators: 2 x Bass Radiators (46mm x 66mm)

Output Power: 2x10W RMS

Frequency Response: 70Hz~20kHz

Signal-to-noise Ratio: >80dB

Battery Type: Lithium battery 3.7V 9600mAh/ 35.52Wh

Charging Port: USB -C

USB-A Output: 5V/2A (MAX)

Battery Charging Time: about 4 hours (5V/3A)

Speaker Play Time: about 38 hours (depends on volume and audio content, light off)

Lighting Duration: about 18 hours (light in max brightness, audio off)

Combined Duration: about 13 hours (depends on volume and audio content, light in max brightness)

Bluetooth Version: 5.3

Micro SD Format: MP3, WMA, WAC, FLAC, APE

Protection Level: IP67 waterproof and dustproof

Lighting Color Temperature: Candlelight 2000K, soft white 2700K

Lighting Brightness: 230Lumen

Product Size: 110mm * 253.5mm * 110mm/ 4.33'' * 9.98'' * 4.33''

Product Net Weight: 0.82kg

Package Weight: 1.4kg

Package Contains:

1 x Wild Camping Speakrt/Lantern

1 x Bag 

1 x Manual

1 x Charging Cable

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