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SK1 Projection Screen

SK1 Projection Screen

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Introducing the SK1 Projection Screen - Your Gateway to Crisp and Portable Visuals!

Why Choose the SK1 Projection Screen:

1. High Brightness Brilliance: Experience vivid and bright visuals with the SK1 Series. Its high brightness reflective fabric ensures that every image or presentation shines with clarity, making your viewing experience truly remarkable.

2. Portable Marvel: Designed with portability in mind, the SK1 Series is your on-the-go entertainment companion. Take your cinema or presentation anywhere with its foldable design and lightweight PVC material.

3. Optimal Viewing from Every Angle: The SK1 Series offers a wide viewing range from 0-40°, with the sweet spot at 0-20°. No matter where you're seated, you'll enjoy optimal clarity and color reproduction.

4. Soft on Eyes, Long on Life: The SK1 Series boasts a soft, anti-fatigue light that makes extended viewing a pleasure. Plus, its durable PVC construction ensures a long service life, providing endless hours of entertainment.

5. Easy Setup, Easy Storage: Unfolding the SK1 Series is a breeze with the ten included male and female velcro strips. Install it in minutes and fold it up just as quickly for convenient storage. Perfect for home theaters, classrooms, presentations, and more.

Technical Specifications:

Screen Type: Screen Wall

Model Number: SK1 Series

Format: 1:1

Material: PVC

Versatile Sizing: Choose from 30 to 130 Inches

Note: Due to shipping constraints, the screen may arrive folded. Don't worry – a quick touch with an iron will have it ready for action. Please iron it with some cloth between it and iron for safety reasons. Our screens are intentionally cut slightly larger for a perfect fit, with a minimal measurement error of +/- 2 cm.

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